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  Recent Company Honors
·Institute won the Award of WUYI Vanguard Sector from Fujian Federation of Trade Unions
·Institute has been authorized as the First Vice-president Unit of Fujian Optical Associate.
·Institute win the Prize of 2009 Advanced Sectors of Scientific and Technical Statistics in Fujian Province





Fujian Institute of Optical Technology founded in 1978 is located by the Jin’an River in Fuzhou. We are not only a hi-tech enterprise that combines manufacture, research with study, but also the most historic and valuable organization that researches and develops optical lens with long tradition, abundant experience and modern consciousness in scientific research in Fujian Province. We are the cooperation institute of the former Ministry of Electronics Industry (Now is the Ministry of Information Industry) in the projects of hi-tech photoelectric products. So far from 1980s, we have been responsible for and completed more than 150 state scientific research projects, and 50 of them have won the National Science Conference Awards, the National New Product Awards, and the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.
  New Products
High Resolution Lens
5 Megapixel 4mm F1.4 C Mount Industrial Lens (CTG4014SA)
5 Megapixel/9 Megapixel 8mm F1.4 C Mount Industrial Lens (CTG8014SA)
5 Megapixel 25mm F1.4 C Mount Industrial Lens (CTG25014SA)
5 Megapixel 35mm F1.8 C Mount Industrial Lens (CTG35018SA)
Video Surveillance Lens
2.1mm F1.8 Board Lens
5.8-58mm F1.3 DC Auto Iris Lens
16mm F1.8 Board Lens
7.5-15mm F1.4 Manual Iris Lens
Special Lens and Customized Lens
Optical Adapter of High Performance Microscope
Far Distance Laser Night Vision System
Biometrical Lens
New Navigation Mark Light
Optical testing insrumentation and services
MTF Measurement System
5m Optical Testing Bench
1.2m Optical Testing Bench

Fujian Institute of Optical Technology, Address: No. 18 Chayuan RD, Fuzhou 350013, China
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